Indoor air quality is a frequently overlooked issue in homes and businesses. Studies suggest people spend 65-90 percent of their time indoors and that indoor air can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. At Pure Environmental we can help! We provide both residential and commercial instillation services for AirWash HEPA air filtration systems. Using their three-level air filtration, Airwash HEPA air filtration systems, effectively removes 99.97% of allergens, odor molecules, viruses such as COVID-19 (Ref. EPA), pathogens, and VOC’s to a size of 0.3 Microns.

Weather we are adapting a current HVAC system or implementing a free standing air purification system, we have you covered. Pure Environmental and Airwash can improve the quality of the air you breath in your home or office. This coupled with our PurAyr treatment can cut through the toughest air quality issues!

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Home Air Filtration Services

Indoor air quality is extremely important in our homes. Due to current events, most of us are spending a large portion of our day inside our homes. We work, we educate our children, we prepare our food, and we sleep in our homes. Home air filtration is an extremely effective way to improve the quality of our lives at home. By removing air pollutants, home air filtration can decrease the effect that mold, pesticides, dust, cleaning chemistry, and many other things have on our family’s. AirWash Home Air Filtrations Systems utilize 3-stages of filtration: Pre-filters for debris, HEPA filter technology (99.9% effective at removing particulates up to 0.1 micron!), and Carbon filtration to not only remove pollutants from the air but also the odors association with those pollutants.

At Pure Environmental we have the ability to tie into an existing HVAC system or provide a free standing unit enables us to tailer home air purification to suit you and your family’s needs. Pure Environmental and Airwash HEPA Filters can improve the quality of the air you breath in your home. This coupled with our PurAyr treatment can cut through the toughest air quality issues and improve the lives of you and your family.

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Commercial Air Filtration Solutions

Pure Environmental’s  indoor air quality solutions, including the free standing Airwash HEPA air filtration system, the Airwash inline system, and our PurAyr processes can eliminate virtually all of the common air quality problems your business may have.

From banking facility’s, to office environments, to industrial spaces, Pure Environmental can improve the quality of your working environment. By removing particulates, odors, VOC’s, pathogens, spores, and many other common indoor air quality issues. Pure Environmental and Airwash can help you to insure the health and happiness of your costumers and workers alike.


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