How does heat extermination work?

Heat is the most effective tool available to exterminate bed bugs – as recommended by the CDC. Our natural pest control process involves exposing infested areas to temperatures above 113°F leading within minutes to the death of bed bugs and their eggs.

Heat Eradication Chart

bed bug Lethal Temperature Time Duration
Bed Bug Adults & Nymphs 113° F / 45° C 15 Minutes
Bed Bug Eggs 113° F / 45° C 60 Minutes
Bed Bug All Stages 115° F / 46° C 7 Minutes

Heat is introduced into the home through industry-specific heaters and powerful fans distribute the heat evenly to all areas. This convection processes allows heat to penetrate beds, furniture, electronics, wall voids and clothing. To ensure proper pest treatment our technicians will need to open all drawers, closets, bags and boxes, furniture may need to be moved and beds taken apart. Wired and wireless probes are used (under carpets, behind baseboards, inside mattresses, etc…) to continuously monitor temperatures to guarantee complete bed bug extermination. Once temperatures above 130°F have been recorded in all areas, we will continue to heat for an additional 3-4 hours. The entire process takes 6-10 hours, we will ask you to leave after breakfast but you may return in time for dinner. Not only does our natural treatment process kill bed bugs with heat, it also kills bacteria, viruses, allergens and spores.

bed bugs dying of heat video

Don’t worry! We supply our own heat so your power bill will not be affected.

Prep is simple and everything except people, plants and pets remains inside. Read our prep guide

Take a walk-though of a heat treatment in progress

The advantages of HEAT treatment

  • kills bed bugs with a single natural extermination process
  • prep takes several hours, not days
  • heat can be safely used to treat furniture, beds or electronics
  • no need to launder clothes and bedding
  • heat treatment is non-toxic and non-chemical
  • saves time and money

bed bug heat treatment advantages

Pure Environmental certified heat teams

We have teams of heat treatment experts ready to hit the job in all of our locations. They will do a thorough inspection of your home or property and recommend the best solution for your particular situation. During the actual heat treatment and preparations, the Pure Environmental teams are careful, efficient, and thorough.

Our heat treatment teams are certified by ThermaPure, Inc. and are trained in the safe and effective use of the heat equipment.

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Certified Heat Teams Experience, training and technical competence matter when it comes to heat treatment. While bed bugs can be difficult to eradicate, you should not have to put your home or property at risk to get rid of them. Our heat treatment teams are certified by ThermaPure, Inc., owner of the ThermaPureHeat® trademark and are trained in the safe and effective use of the heat equipment. Pure Environmental is certified at Technical Level Three and Four – the highest technical standard ThermaPure, Inc. has established. ThermaPureHeat® is trademark of ThermaPure, Inc. and is used under license.