Keep your hotel out of trouble with Pure Environmental’s Zero Baseline™ Agreement for bed bugs!

You can’t control when bed bugs come to your hotel. But when they come, you want to find them before your guests do. Your guests have zero tolerance for bed bugs. And so should you. The solution? Stay ahead of the game – keep your hotel property at the Zero Baseline™.

With a Zero Baseline™ Agreement from Pure Environmental, you will greatly reduce the likelihood of bed bug infestations in your hotel. This is protection every hotel needs. After all, a guest’s discovery of a bed bug in just one hotel room can damage your reputation and expose you to legal liability.

The Zero Baseline™ approach gives you a year’s worth of canine inspections and unlimited heat treatments – the only complete solution for bed bugs — for one yearly fee that you can budget for and pay in convenient monthly installments. At the beginning of the contract, Pure heat-treats all infested rooms at a deeply discounted rate. After that, all bed bug treatment is covered by the Zero Baseline™ Agreement at no additional cost. After each inspection cycle, we will declare your hotel to be Zero Bed Bug™. We also mitigate your risk 365 days a year by educating your staff and being available for consultations and additional inspections.

Preventive bed bug protocols are quickly becoming the industry standard. Your guests expect you to be diligent. So be proactive about bed bugs. Stay at the Zero Baseline™.

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