Keeping Moisture at Bay: Why Are Vapor Barriers Necessary in a Crawl Space?

Standing water, wood rot, mold — finding these issues in your crawl space is enough to make your stomach drop. You can almost hear the sound of money leaving your bank account.  If you want to avoid these issues, you need a vapor barrier installed in your crawl space. No ifs, ands, or buts. In […]

How Do I Remove Mold From My Attic?

The attic. For many people, it’s a forgotten-about room in the house. Maybe you make your way up there every few months to drag down the holiday decorations or your rarely-used camping gear. Family memorabilia, tools, unused furniture––all things you might find in a typical attic. Another thing that might be lurking in your attic? […]

How to Get Rid of Fire Smoke Smell From Your Home or Business

A fire is a devastating event.  It leaves a lot of destruction in its wake. And recovering can be even more challenging than you’d expect. Besides replacing items lost in the fire, there’s the aftermath of … Water damage Dangerous soot pollution Harmful smoke levels; and Stubborn smoke odor … to face. Whether you were […]

Is Water in Your Crawl Space Normal?

Water in your crawl space? Wondering why or if it’s normal? Click here to find the top causes of crawl space water issues and how we can help