The thought of bed bugs overtaking your bed is enough to make your skin crawl. 

Having to deal with such a situation can be horrifying.

Luckily, many bed bug treatments are available — some more effective than others. Bed bug bombs are one of those options, but will they really eliminate your bed bug infestation?

Find out precisely what bed bug bombs are intended to do. Learn about the best option to curb your current infestations and return to your pest-free life.

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    Do Bed Bug Bombs Work?

    Bed bug bombs, to some extent, work because they can kill pests

    But are bug bombs effective for bed bugs?

    Bed bug bombs should work as they’re intended, so if bed bugs come in direct contact with the chemical as it’s being released, they should die.

    So what does that mean for all those little buggers that don’t have direct contact with the spray?

    You guessed it. Those bed bugs that hid and escaped the poison are likely still infesting your home. 

    We have never heard of someone who had success with over-the-counter bombs for bed bugs. One thing is sure: getting rid of a bed bug infestation is a process, and we can help.

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    do bed bug foggers work


    What Is a Bed Bug Bomb/Fogger?

    Bed bug bombs are aerosol foggers that spray insecticide. They create a chemical fog that is in a time-release set-it-and-forget-it style. 

    But while all bed bug bombs are foggers, not all foggers are bed bug bombs. 

    What does this mean?

    Foggers aren’t ordinarily able to penetrate bed bugs deep where they can be found and therefore don’t eradicate the issue. In addition, bed bugs have become more resistant to pesticides over the years. 

     How Are Bed Bug Bombs Designed To Work?

    You may wonder, “Can I bomb just one room for bed bugs?” or “What happens when you bomb for bed bugs?”

    Before you set a bed bug bomb off, be sure to read the label. Most foggers will say to vacate a room for the treatment duration – simply closing the door to that room is not the best option. Instead, get out of the house for a few hours because these bombs have pesticides that contain aerosol propellants. 

    Follow these steps to activate a bed bug bomb:

    • Unplug appliances and turn off pilot lights to reduce the risk of an explosion. 
    • Put the canister where most bed bugs are located. This location may be under your mattress. 
    • Follow the directions on how to activate the canister — then get out of the room. Evacuating the house is always a good idea as the chemical is strong, and you may need to bomb various rooms.
    • Stay out of the room for as long as the directions advise —usually anywhere from two to six hours. It is better to err on too much time than not enough. 
    • Air out the room to release any leftover fumes before resuming everyday life. 


    will bug bombs kill bed bugs

    Potential Bed Bug Bomb Dangers

    Other than not being 100% effective, there are also dangers and side effects concerning bed bug bombs. 

    Be aware of the following issues that can occur:

    • Having contact with dangerous chemicals for babies or sick people
    • Causing a health hazard for pets
    • Dealing with repercussions from user error
    • Setting off too many for the size of your space
    • Not getting out of the room quickly enough
    • Dealing with flammable contents

    Remember, breathing in the contents of these bombs is dangerous as they can be toxic. 

    They can also be fire hazards, and aerosols can be flammable. Improper use can cause an explosion or fire.

    To Wipe Out a Bed Bug Infestation, a Fogger Is Not Your Best Solution

    Though bombs kill the bugs that come in contact with the chemicals, they won’t kill eggs or bed bugs that go into hiding. 

    The truth is that bug bombs can be dangerous and inefficient

    Thankfully, there are more effective ways to get rid of bed bugs. 

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    Why Bed Bug Bombs Are Not Effective for Completely Eradicating an Infestation

    Most critters don’t like to die, so they tend to move away from the chemical. Thus, the bed bugs tend to move deeper into structures and into hiding to escape the chemical. 

    Though bed bugs have wide bodies and aren’t very thick (think of an apple seed), they can easily move into crevices to hide, and the fog can’t penetrate them. 

    To kill those bed bugs who’ve made a great escape, try these methods for making bed bugs come out of hiding.

    The spray in bed bug bombs only kills on contact. If they can avoid the spray, they can spare their lives. For this reason, bed bug bombs can be ineffective and a waste of your energy. 

    Do Foggers Make Bed Bugs Worse?

    Yes, bed bug bombs can make things worse. 

    When using a fogger, the bed bugs:

    • That escaped by hiding can return
    • Can be driven deeper into furniture, carpet, and even into walls
    • Can move to other parts of the home 

    When bed bug bombs are used, it could make the professional’s job harder, and might not make the customer’s situation better.

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    do bed bug foggers work


    Skip the Bombs and Call the Pros: How Professionals Treat Bed Bugs

    Professionals know how to eliminate these uninvited guests. They usually treat bed bugs with one or more of the following regimens:

    • Steam: Hot steam burns insects that come into contact with it. This method is very successful in eradicating nymphs and eggs.
    • Chemical Application: This method is used to get into cracks and crevices to eradicate those pesky bed bugs. The spray residue is also dangerous for these bugs.
    • Heat eradication: With temperatures above 118℉, bed bugs and their eggs will die after 90 minutes of exposure.

    Choosing a professional is always safer and more efficient than over-the-counter treatments.

    How Heat Eradication Works

    Research shows that heat eradication is the best way to eliminate every stage of bed bugs. Although it does entail expensive equipment and experience, you always end up with your desired outcome — no more bed bugs!

    Since bed bugs are often found near their food source — yes, that is your blood — using heat is a safer method since you usually need to get rid of bed bugs from the following sensitive areas:

    • Mattresses
    • Box springs
    • Carpets
    • Headboards
    • Baseboards 

    Thermal remediation, which is also environmentally friendly, is the answer to your problem regarding bed bug eggs, nymphs, and adults. 


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    How To Prepare Your Home for a Professional Treatment

    You’ve discovered bed bugs and are preparing for professional treatment.


    • Throw away the mattress; or
    • Bag up clothes and linens

    Instead, to prepare your home for a bed bug treatment, do the following:

    • Put away small items and close all drawers and containers
    • Take everything off the bed and furniture
    • Vacuum, and sweep (being sure to empty into a plastic bag and dispose of it outside of your home)
    • Strip down the beds
    • Wait to remake the beds until the treatment is entirely over

    If You Opt for Bed Bug Bombs or Other DIY Treatments, Heed Our Warnings

    If you’re choosing to treat bed bugs on your own, be careful handling chemicals and explicitly follow their directions.

    Take the experience of one DIYer, for example. When she discovered bed bugs in her sofa, she decided dousing it in rubbing alcohol would be the best option to eliminate them. Unfortunately, she was smoking a cigarette during the process and ended up lighting her sofa on fire. No doubt calling the experts would’ve been a safer choice.

    If you decide to use bed bug bombs or other DIY methods, use products as directed. 

    However, these methods aren’t guaranteed to clear your infestation. So wouldn’t it be easier to hire professionals? 

    Reaching out to Pure Environmental will ensure you get the job done right the first time. 

    Contact us today, and let us end your infestation issue once and for all. 


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    For Bed Bug Eradication, Trust the Experienced Professionals at Pure Environmental

    Pure Environmental is ready to help you no matter your situation. There is no reason to fret, we have seen it all, and our goal is to get your house back into pest-free shape. 

    Nothing beats experience, and we have been tackling bed bugs since 2009.

    Homeowners don’t always know how to apply a toxic chemical safely. When you hire a professional, you don’t have to worry about these issues.

    All in all, over-the-counter products don’t do a good job of killing all of the bed bugs in your space. To be successful, the product would have to be sufficiently toxic to the bed bugs and, thus, harmful to people and pets. This option just wouldn’t be safe.

    Pure Environmental is ready to give you a free estimate for its ecologically sound practice. Get the help you need today.


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