Cooking is the number one cause of home fires. They generally produce a lot of oily smoke and subsequent odor without doing a lot of visual or physical damage to the structure. When plastics and other synthetic products are involved dangerous contaminants can be unperceivable but none the less present.

Fire Scenario
A grease fire occurs when food is left unattended in a 2 level home. Fire is contained to stove top; kitchen and dining room are directly impacted with oily film/soot, living and bed areas are impacted indirectly from operating HVAC system and open floor plan of home.

Fire Scene Treatment

  • Remove range hood for thorough cleaning, if microwave range hood replace.
  • Clean/degrease all surfaces that are directly impacted.
  • Clean carpets
  • Clean HVAC System
  • Treatment of entire structure includes ALL contents and HVAC system (8-12 hours)
  • Assess necessary restoration in impacted areas only, such as painting the kitchen