Structural fires usually include smoke, water and physical damage to the property. Contents are often removed and processed on separate claim. PurAyr Technology applies to both of these segments.

Fire Scenario
Fire starts in top floor apartment in a 3 level, 12 unit complex. Structural damage is contained to unit and section of eaves, next door unit and 4 units below are impacted by smoke and/or water. Two other top floor units are impacted by smoke odor only.


  • Pack out and mitigate 6 units on direct impact side.
  • Remove all charred material from unit and attic area,
  • Remove all blown insulation in attic.
  • Clean effected surfaces.
  • Secure envelope.
  • Apply PurAyr treatment to attic for smoke odor removal. Generally, in non-heated areas there will be no need to encapsulate after treatment.
  • Apply PurAyr treatment to the 6 heavily effected units for smoke odor removal, mold clearance and bio-sanitation. Encapsulation is only required within heated area that have been exposed to high heat and pressure
  • Repair damages as required
  • PurAyr treatment for smoke odor removal of 2 units across hall with or without contents. Generally no other steps will be required