Pet dog odors

Problems with persistent pet odors?

Don’t waste any more time with home remedies or floor cleaning companies. We can take care of the problem at its source. We are the experts when it comes to pet odor removal.

Although home remedies may help reduce unwanted odors in some cases, they often just ‘mask’ it temporarily and the unpleasant smell soon comes back. This is because pet odors often become embedded in carpets, floors and furniture – especially when they have been present for a long period of time. Pet dander easily finds its way into ventilation systems and becomes pervasive throughout the house making it very difficult to eliminate through ordinary means. This is where Pure Environmental comes in…

We use technology called photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) – a five-stage process that completely eradicates airborne organic contaminants with no adverse effects on the environment. This means that any organic particles left behind by pets – such as urine, dander, bacteria, yeast – are eradicated.

The process is low-temperature, residue-free, and offers excellent material capability (including sensitive electronics). Our technology does not produce nitrogen oxides as found in traditional Ozone production; these are the bi-products responsible for caustic residues and material breakdown. Find out more about our odor removal technology

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