If You Live In The Northwest, We’re The Mold Abatement Specialists To Choose


Who wouldn’t want to live in The Pacific Northwest? We are lucky to call this breathtakingly lush, green location our home. But all of those rainy days that keep the Northwest green also create a lot of moisture. Excess moisture can lead to mold and mildew growth, which is why so many homes in the Northwest are faced with a battle against mold!

If you’re facing a mold problem, don’t worry. Our staff works and lives in the Northwest, and we are no strangers to common mold problems in the area. Attics, basements, crawl spaces, you name it. We’ve seen it. (And we’ve fixed it!)


Our Mold Remediation Process


So, how do you get rid of mold? Every situation is a little different, so we first recommend contacting mold removal experts. Here’s our general mold abatement process:

1. We conduct our initial inspection for mold. If testing is deemed necessary, we partner with local laboratories to collect and test samples.

2. Once we confirm the presence (and extent) of the mold, we establish a “containment zone.”

3. Within this containment zone, we will determine if any material needs to be removed before treatment is continued (wood, drywall, organic materials, etc). We will only remove what is necessary to eliminate the mold.

4. After material is removed, we may apply special chemicals to mitigate any remaining mold.

5. Next, we clean all surfaces within the containment zone. We use a special vacuum with a HEPA filter to capture fine particulates.

6. Then, we apply PurAyr™ treatment for mold clearance. This is a powerful tool for air and surface decontamination. It assures good air quality results and neutralizes any remaining mold spores on surfaces. *

7. Note: PurAyr™ treatment will not alone help your structure pass a mold test – proper cleaning is also essential.

8. Further mold testing may be required at this point to ensure remediation is complete

9. We repair or replace any affected material


Areas We Help With Mold Remediation