Tacoma Mold Remediation Experts You Can Trust


Mold can be a total nuisance to deal with. The smell, the particulates, and the health risks alone are enough to cause many people to look for solutions.


At Pure Environmental Tacoma we are the professionals to trust for treating and eliminating mold!


Whether it’s black mold, white mold, mildew, or any other growth, we will expertly remove it.


We Remove Potentially Harmful Mold From Your Home


Prolonged exposure to mold and mold spores has the potential to pose a variety of health risks. If you are dealing with a significant mold problem, we recommend taking care of it ASAP to protect your health.

Our thorough mold removal process can help improve not only the health of your home, but your health!

FAQ About Mold Removal In Tacoma


How do I know if I have mold in my Tacoma, WA home?

Mold is very common, particularly in a damp and cold area like the Northwest. The truth is, many homes in the Tacoma area have mold. In order to determine if your home has a significant amount of mold (that requires treatment), contact us today! We can do a visual inspection, and we also have access to laboratory testing.


How serious is mold?


The impact of mold in your home depends on a lot of factors and can range from from very mild to quite severe! A little bit of surface mold in a small, contained area (like a window sill) is quite different from a house-wide black mold problem. 


Mold experts, like our team at Pure Environmental Tacoma, will be able to assess the severity of your mold problem


Are there preventative steps I can take to keep mold from growing in my home?


It depends on the area of your home and the environmental conditions in that area, but yes! In general, reducing overall moisture is a great way to prevent mold growth. Depending on where mold is growing, there may be ways to reduce moisture in that area. 


Our team is asked this question often, and we’re always happy to collaborate with clients to:


A. Remove their mold

B. Keep it from coming back!