PurAyr Odor Removal Technology

PurAyr™ is a powerful air and surface decontamination tool designed to safely eradicate odors, bacteria and volatile organic compounds from indoor environments such as homes, hotels, cars, yachts, offices, locker rooms and more. This technology allows us to rapidly oxidize and neutralize air and surface contaminants, eliminate odors, improve indoor air quality and pinpoint source odors. The residue free, environmentally sound process, and offers excellent material capability (including sensitive electronics, leather and antiques). It does not produce nitrogen oxides as found in traditional ozone producing technologies.

How it works

The PurAyr process utilizes a science known as Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) to eradicate airborne, surface and embedded organic contaminants. The internal reactions between UV light and titanium dioxide nanoparticles generate massive levels of Ozone (O3), Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) and Hydroxyl Radicals (*HO).  These oxygen rich gases react with organic compounds, breaking them down into simple elements before falling back into oxygen (O2).  The PurAyr process is basically speeding up time, rapidly oxidizing odors, bacteria and VOCs without the use of chemicals

Typical applications

  • structural fire smoke odors
  • cooking fire smoke smells
  • cat urine odor removal
  • dog urine odor neutralization
  • cigarette smoke odor removal
  • mold abatement
  • attic mold abatement
  • crawl space mold abatement
  • Allergen removal & asthma control
  • Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) treatment
  • IAQ restoration