Getting started with bed bug treatment

Before we schedule heat treatment we will need to get some details and information about the job. If you submit an online request you will be contacted by a Pure Environmental technician who will guide you through the process. You may also choose to call 877-617-2847. Below is a list of some of the specifics we will discuss, please review and be ready to give as much detail as possible so we may better assist you.

  • Have you confirmed the presence of bed bugs? Have you been able to see or collect any physical evidence? (bites, live or dead bed bugs, cast skins, fecal spotting or blood stains on bedding) Review inspection tips and options
  • Do you know where they came from? Do you have friends or family members that are dealing with this issue?
  • Details of the property (type, size, access)
  • Review pricing options. Based on the information you provide we will be able to quote an accurate price for the treatment of your property. Multi-unit discounts often apply.

Schedule a Treatment or Inspection

Bed bug preparation - video

Before treatment

Preparing for heat treatment is extremely important. It is a simple process that only needs to be done once. A signed copy of the heat prep sheet is required before treatment begins. If you are unable to complete any of the required tasks please let us know and we will assist you in any way possible. If you miss something, don’t worry – our trained technicians will do their best to catch it before we begin. Please take your time reviewing the prep sheet (pdf) and watching the video with step-by-step instructions. Download prep sheet (pdf)

bed bug treatment - sleep tight

After a Bed Bug Treatment

Here is a list of things you should be aware of upon your return home

  • The temperatures will be elevated as a result of treatment, open windows and run A/C to assist with cool down.
  • Wait till things have cooled for several hours before plugging in or turning on electronics or appliances
  • We will do our best to clean up dead bed bugs before we leave; however, we recommend thoroughly cleaning your home and laundering bedding once things have cooled.
  • Some of your belongings may have been moved to ensure even heat distribution.

Thank you for choosing Pure Environmental. Sleep tight, enjoy a bug free night!